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NBC Sports 13 Nov 2019

Advice for McVay, Cowboys come up short & Clowney's career day


Chris dives into the biggest plays of the week in "What The $&*%! Happened?".

(3:45) Steelers 17-Rams 12: Jared Goff's 3 turnovers "Ok, the guy's not open. You gotta do something else."

(9:30) Chris has advice for Sean McVay to "reinvent himself"

(12:30) How Minkah Fitzpatrick and the Steelers D took Cooper Kupp from 220 yards to zero

(16:00) Packers 24-Panthers 16: GB's goal-line stand "Kyle Allen's got Christian McCaffrey open for a touchdown."

(24:30) The Packers were not ready for the final play...and it helped them

(30:45) Vikings 28-Cowboys 24: Big Phil joins to discuss the Cowboys failed 4th down

(38:20) Were the Cowboys too worried about the clock? Chris & Paul disagree.

(49:10) Steelers, Raiders, Bills and Colts: which dark horse does Big Phil like the best?

(59:00) Seahawks 27-49ers 24 (OT): " It was the best game I've seen any NFL defender play all season."

(1:04:00) "Jimmy Garoppolo did not play that bad."

(1:13:15) Raiders 26-Chargers 24: Josh Jacobs game-winning TD "Rodney Huson was the star of the play."

(1:16:45) Jets 34-Giants 27: Saquon Barkley 1 rush yd "There's nowhere to go."

(1:19:00) "Daniel Jones is one of the most pure throwers in football."

(1:20:45) Chris breaks down the Ravens "Heisman Package" in our new segment: We'll Do It Live!

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