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NBC Sports 13 Nov 2019

Advice for McVay, Cowboys come up short & Clowney's career day


Chris dives into the biggest plays of the week in "What The $&*%! Happened?".

(3:45) Steelers 17-Rams 12: Jared Goff's 3 turnovers "Ok, the guy's not open. You gotta do something else."

(9:30) Chris has advice for Sean McVay to "reinvent himself"

(12:30) How Minkah Fitzpatrick and the Steelers D took Cooper Kupp from 220 yards to zero

(16:00) Packers 24-Panthers 16: GB's goal-line stand "Kyle Allen's got Christian McCaffrey open for a touchdown."

(24:30) The Packers were not ready for the final play...and it helped them

(30:45) Vikings 28-Cowboys 24: Big Phil joins to discuss the Cowboys failed 4th down

(38:20) Were the Cowboys too worried about the clock? Chris & Paul disagree.

(49:10) Steelers, Raiders, Bills and Colts: which dark horse does Big Phil like the best?

(59:00) Seahawks 27-49ers 24 (OT): " It was the best game I've seen any NFL defender play all season."

(1:04:00) "Jimmy Garoppolo did not play that bad."

(1:13:15) Raiders 26-Chargers 24: Josh Jacobs game-winning TD "Rodney Huson was the star of the play."

(1:16:45) Jets 34-Giants 27: Saquon Barkley 1 rush yd "There's nowhere to go."

(1:19:00) "Daniel Jones is one of the most pure throwers in football."

(1:20:45) Chris breaks down the Ravens "Heisman Package" in our new segment: We'll Do It Live!

This week on Unfiltered from home, we sat down with UpKeep CEO and Founder Ryan Chan to talk about the best compliment his mother gave him; his advice for when you're stuck on a problem; and his advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
As demonstrations continue over George Floyd's death, activist Curtis Hayes is challenging protesters to "come up with a better way" and urging everyone to ask why these protests are happening in the first place. He joined CBSN to discuss the fight against racial injustice.
From swimming with sharks to training for a space mission, Downs' half-century career included once holding the Guinness record for most total hours on network TV. He died at his home in Arizona.
Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, talks to DW about accusations of Greek police beating up migrants and illegally deporting them back to Turkey. Reports say that Greek security forces physically assaulted migrants emerged earlier this year, when thousands gathered in border areas after Turkey encouraged them to travel to Europe. But now DW and other investigative reporters have been able to confirm some stories of abuse and illegal deportations after tracking down victims in Turkey. They allege Greek police arrested them without a warrant and forced them on to boats back to Turkey.

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