MSNBC 25 Feb 2020

A 'Legal Reckoning' For Harvey Weinstein - Day That Was


Harvey Weinstein, the once-powerful Hollywood mogul, was found guilty of rape in the third degree Monday but acquitted on the two most serious criminal charges, capping a landmark trial of the #MeToo era. Gloria Allred, attorney for three women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault, called the conviction "a legal reckoning." Aired on 02/24/20.

Days after a top aide to Vice President Mike Pence tested positive for COVID-19, the White House is now requiring staffers in the West Wing wear face coverings or masks. Several months into the pandemic, workers close to the president will now be following the same guidance given to the public. But President Donald Trump still declines to wear a mask, and some commentators say that reveals a lot. Aired on 5/11/2020.
Voters in Wisconsin lined up at polling places on Tuesday, forced to choose between staying home to avoid coronavirus or risking their health by casting their ballot. The state's Democratic governor had tried to delay the election until June, but his order was overturned by the conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court. Voters who had applied for absentee ballots but didn't receive them by Tuesday had to go to the polls. In a 5-4 party line decision, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that would have extended the deadline for absentee voting. Aired on 4/7/2020.
Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that he would withdraw from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden to become the presumptive nominee. But he says he'll continue his fight to make progressive policies part of the Democratic platform. Here's a look at how Sanders has influenced the race. Aired on 4/8/2020.
What exactly needs to happen to safely return to any sort of normal amid the coronavirus crisis in the United States? The answer is sure to include testing, contact tracing, and possibly, vaccination, on an unprecedented scale. We talked to experts like global health researcher Dr. Michael Osterholm and philanthropist Bill Gates to get some answers on just how this might work. Aired on 4/23/2020.

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