Euronews 22 Nov 2020

'A kindergarten for divers': World's deepest swimming pool opens its doors in Poland


The previous record belonged to a 42-metre-deep swimming pool in Italy. The new 'Deepspot' pool in Poland won't hold the record for very long, either.

Deepspot is a diving pool that goes 45.5m (150ft) down and provides a space for divers to train.

It includes a ship wreck and separate chambers for divers to explore.

Deepspot's president said he hopes the pool will also be used for training by firefighters and the army, not just scuba divers.
There have been large protests in Poland against the near-total ban of abortions by the country's top court.
The country's prime minister has promised to defend what conservatives see as an unborn child's right to life.
But for a ninth straight day, activists said they would not be stopped by politicians or the threat of coronavirus - as they fight to try to get the legislation overturned.
Al Jazeera's Cara Legg reports.
The dancing fountain is not just for entertainment. It's also environmentally friendly, using seawater so there's no filtration system.
CBS News contributor Maria Elena Salinas joined "Red and Blue" to discuss her reporting for the primetime special "The Deciders." She spoke with Latino Americans in Florida and Arizona, where political views are varied and diverse.

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