The New York Times

The New York Times 13 Apr 2020

A Father and Son Had the Coronavirus. Only the Son Lived.


Gianni Zampino was caring for his elderly father, Antonio, in Turin, Italy, when they both contracted the virus. Only Gianni survived.

The Atlantic's George Packer discusses how the coronavirus exposed the country's weaknesses. Princeton's Eddie Glaude Jr. also joins the discussion. Aired on 04/23/2020.
Newham resident Omar Islam is against lockdown restrictions being lifted after losing his father and aunt to COVID-19.

Omar describes plans to slowly lift lockdown restrictions as "stupid", and it's a view shared by many in the community in which he lives.

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The city of Los Angeles has opened a mobile COVID-19 testing center in skid row with the goal of understanding how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting those experiencing homelessness. Michael Arnold, president and CEO of Midnight Mission, shares his perspective on the city's efforts to support homeless people during the outbreak.
Why let the coronavirus rob them of all their joy? That was what Owen Smigelski and Carolyne Johnson began to think as the date approached of the big spring wedding they'd had no choice but to cancel. But they didn't cancel. Instead, they decided instead to just go ahead and get wed right when they'd meant to without fuss — in front of friends and family, on Zoom.

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