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NBC News 8 Jan 2021

A Closer Look At What Laws Were Broken During The Capitol Hill Riots


NBC News' Danny Cevallos takes an in-depth look at the laws that the mob rioting on Capitol Hill broke and whether President Trump could be held legally responsible.

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy discusses the violence on Capitol Hill and the future of the Republican party.
Millions of health care workers are getting their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. They include CBS News' chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook, who is a physician at NYU Langone Hospital in New York City, making him eligible for the vaccine now. He joins CBSN's Tom Hanson for a closer look at what it was like for him.
Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine tells Andrea Mitchell that given the rhetoric from President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others ahead of the Capitol Hill riots, he's "looking at a charge under the DC code of inciting violence, and that would apply where there's a clear recognition that one's incitement could lead to foreseeable violence." Aired on 01/11/2021.
President Trump encourages those who attended a rally in Washington, D.C. to march to the Capitol and protest Congress counting the Electoral College ballots for the presidential election.

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