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Inside Edition 9 Jan 2021

85-Year-Old Great Grandma Gets Visits from Puppy at Senior Home


With seniors in nursing homes across the country missing human contact, some are finding comfort with furry visitors. Harriet Krakowski, 85, hasn't seen her family in nearly a year due to COVID-19 restrictions at the Hebrew Home in the Bronx, New York. She even became a great-grandmother two times over during the pandemic. But since she can't hold those babies just yet, the pups are the next best thing. The dogs belong to staff members, and they bring joy to those isolated from relatives.

A talented 14-year-old artist created a special painting of one of his hometown heroes, and Twitter helped the two connect. Tyler Gordon's video of him painting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has been retweeted over 16,000 times so far, including by Chelsea Clinton and the Vice President-elect's sister, Meena Harris. While preparing her cornbread for Thanksgiving dinner, Vice President-elect Harris called Tyler to encourage his artistry and thank him for the painting. Tyler, who did not talk until he was 6 years old, was in a wheelchair for two years and has a severe stutter, says he uses his paintings to speak for him.
In October, Molly Gibson set the record for the longest frozen embryo to come to birth. The record was set previously by her older sister, Emma, born in 2017 from a 24-year-old embryo from the same donor.
Kids love the popular toy called Bunchems, little colorful balls that stick together like velcro and can be used to build all kinds of things. But the spiky balls can also stick to hair. Parents across the country are posting videos of the balls all tangled up in their kids' hair. Lisa Hoelzele's 6-year-old daughter Abigail had 150 Bunchems matted into her hair after her brother dumped a bucket of them on her head! So, how to get Bunchems out of hair? Before you get the scissors, watch this.
Kimberly Conserve says her most memorable Christmas present came to her when she was just 9 years old. It was the only gift she received that year in her native country of Belize, and it came in the form of a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child. Now a 19-year-old nursing and biology student in Chico, California, Conserve now volunteers with the same group that touched her life as a child on Christmas.

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