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Inside Edition 11 Jan 2021

5 Dogs Pull Man's Sleigh Across Madrid


The weather outside, frightful. One man's ride through a snow-coated Madrid? Delightful. Yes, the holidays are over, but video shows a man taking advantage of a rare blizzard in Spain and riding a sled pulled by dogs. The footage brings to mind jolly old St. Nick and his reindeer. Weather conditions trapped some in their cars and kept most people indoors. However, a chance to take a ride like this is something one man could not pass up. Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer has the details.

It was all hands on deck to rescue a man from rising flood waters in Peru. Responders needed to save the man after his vehicle became stuck in the deluge. They found him stranded on top of his truck, in a hard-to-reach spot. They lowered a tire, tied to rope, and placed it around the man's waist. It took several emergency workers to pull him up. Recent heavy rains have slammed part of South America, causing flooding in cities and towns.
Madrid is experiencing its heaviest snowfall in 50 years.
Storm Filomena has disrupted travel across Spain.
Madrid's main airport was shut down late on Friday and transport officials said the snowfall disrupted traffic on more than 600 roads.
But most Spaniards are embracing the freak weather.

Al Jazeera's Charlotte Bellis reports.
Dog barks are being heard in the White House again following the arrival Sunday of President Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major, making the pair of German shepherds the first pets to live at the executive mansion since the Obama administration. (Jan. 25)
Diego Maradona's personal doctor was on Sunday being investigated for involuntary manslaughter four days after the Argentina legend suffered a fatal heart attack, prosecutors in San Isidro near Buenos Aires reported.

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