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Inside Edition 28 Jan 2020

4 Surprising Stories About Underwear


Inside Edition has reported its fair share of stories about underwear over the years. One woman sent her boyfriend a selfie in her underwear, and he texted back suggesting that she had a "beer gut." The relationship did not last long. And a longstanding tradition at Colorado State University has students race through campus for the annual "Undie Run." University authorities tried to halt the informal event, citing safety concerns, but it happened anyway.

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Here are some of our
favorite stories about underwear!
This woman broke up with her boyfriend
and he had unkind words about her appearance.
He said, she had a, quote, beer gut.
College student, Shelby Johnson,
struggled for years with being underweight.
When she finally hit a healthy target of 120 pounds,
she posed for a selfie in her Calvin Klein underwear.
She sent the shot to her boyfriend of three months
who replied, quote,
"the main issue is you gut might stick out more than mine
"and that's just weird."
"Wow, okay," Shelby replied.
"Are you getting less attracted to me at all?
"Be honest."
He responded, "I don't think so but I will
"if it keeps going," adding,
"you're definitely getting a beer gut, babe."
When you saw his comments, how did you react?
At first I was almost kind of surprised.
I thought, you know, maybe he's just kinda joking,
being sarcastic and then when I told him, like,
"Hey, what you're saying hurts my feelings,"
it was, you know, "Oh, you're oversensitive.
"Oh, you know, it's not a big deal."
And so I was just, I was really hurt.
Shelby posted screen grabs of the convo on Twitter
and asked her friends what she should do.
"My partner said this to me.
"Am I overreacting for feeling hurt by this?
"I'm at a loss and just can't even comprehend
"how someone who claims to love me can say this."
Most people thought she should dump him.
And what did you decide to do?
I decided that I was done, you know.
It was not something I was gonna tolerate.
Having a 120 pounds on me is exactly what I wanted,
exactly what I needed to be and so
when you get met with someone who doesn't want that,
I just think there's a million other people who will.
So you know, good riddance.
The ex-boyfriend did apologize
but Shelby said she wouldn't name him
so he wouldn't feel shamed the way she said she was.
And here are some college students with no shame.
They're doing the so-called Undie Run.
More than a thousand students stripped down
for a sprint around the Colorado State University campus.
The tradition began over a decade ago
as a way for students to blow off some steam before finals.
And it's grown over time getting wilder and wilder.
But in 2019, it seemed like the Undie Run came to a halt
as school officials made moves to ban the popular event.
The Dean of Students issued a statement saying,
"Due to significant concerns about safety for CSU students,
"the university will not allow the Undie Run
"to take place this year."
On the morning of what would have been Undie Run day,
things seemed quiet
but then, well, there they were.
You can't stop us!
(rhythmic clapping)
You can't stop us!
(rhythmic clapping)
Campus security wasn't able to do much
to bring the situation under control.
It looks like the sun will continue to shine
on this tradition.
And here's some very traditional underwear,
lingerie that our grandmothers used to wear.
Lingerie fit for a bride.
The vintage undies
are popular with young women.
This is the old Hollywood glamor.
According to the owner
of the store in New York City,
millennials are in the market for retro unmentionables.
The boutique has stock dating back to 1885.
There are 1940s tap pants and these are the underwear.
This was their underwear,
but my girls wear them with t-shirts and they wear them out.
Our model agrees.
When it comes to vintage underwear, listen to your elders.
I would totally wear this piece out.
Speaking of vintage underwear,
here's a collector's item.
It belonged to Madonna.
This guy wanted to sell them to the highest bidder.
It's a business opportunity
that I have to take advantage of.
Peter Shue says he dated Madonna
for several months in the '90s,
around the time her "Take a Bow" was on the charts.
♪ I've always been in love with you ♪
♪ Always with you ♪
He says the singer sent him the underwear as a gift
along with a Polaroid of her new dog.
The caption reads, "My new baby."
There was a note as well.
It reads, "Hi baby.
"I'm sending you a package for love and luck,"
including, "the underwear you requested.
"Love M, kiss kiss."
Inside Edition's Steven Fabian has more.
Things didn't work out between Shue and the Material Girl.
He actually ended up serving 21 years
in federal prison for drug dealing.
When he was finally released in 2015,
Shue assessed his life and his assets
and realized he had a potentially valuable
piece of property, Madonna's panties.
The starting bid was $100,000.
Madonna sued to stop the sale
but later withdrew her objections.
A lot of people out there are gonna say,
"Why are you doing this, especially in 2017?"
A lot of concerns about harassment
and other things of a sexual nature.
Why try to sell Madonna's panties?
I can't give them to nobody, you know,
and I can't wear them.
I don't wear no panties so honestly I figured,
I might as well sell them.
This is
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