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DW News 8 Nov 2019

30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: What happened to the euphoria?


Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But many in eastern Germany feel like second-class citizens left behind. Has it been a success story for everyone?

Linda Vierecke grew up in the former GDR and was seven years old when the wall came down. Today she works as a reporter for DW and just finished a documentary about the fall of the wall. She thinks: "It's only now, three decades after the Wall came down, that we realize how radical the change was for people in the East."

Catherine Nicholson works for France24. She believes: "Permanent euphoria is unrealistic: learning lessons from the past is more important"

Anthony Paterson is a british freelance journalist, who witnessed the fall oft he wall first hand in 1989. He says: „Thirty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall , the far right is winning a worrying amount amount of support in the once communist east."

In 2014, Inside Edition visited a house in Indiana that was known as "the Portal to Hell." There were so many reports of unexplained and eerie occurrences in the house that a local Catholic priest performed an exorcism on the site. Now, five years later, InsideEdition.com caught up with that priest, the Rev. Mike Maginot, to hear more about his encounter with the supernatural. He shares what happened to the house since the initial report.
It's been more than six months since North Korea turned over 55 boxes containing the remains of some of America's heroes from the Korean War, but hasn't turned over any more since the dignified transfer in Hawaii.
When astronaut Stuart Roosa boarded for the Apollo 14 in 1971he wasn't alone. He was carrying a canister the size of a soda can, filled with 500 seeds from various tree species. Almost 50 years later, some of those so-called Moon Trees are still growing across the United States.
MSNBC contributors Charlie Sykes and George Will discuss how the definition of patriotism has changed in the party they left.

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