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Inside Edition 17 Sep 2020

21-Year-Old Who Gave Dad COVID-19 Grateful for His Recovery


John Place is back home today after surviving a battle with COVID-19 that landed him in the hospital for 45 days. The 43-year-old dad blames his son Nick for giving him the virus, and the shame the 21-year-old feels is profound. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Place family was cautious about limiting their risk of being exposed to the virus, including Nick. But then Nick attended a friend's party without a mask. He fell sick a few days later.

WHO warns weekly COVID-19 infections in Europe are now higher than the first peak in March
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and, reportedly, Robert Pattinson, are the latest celebrities to test positive for COVID-19. Johnson said his entire family tested positive and it felt like a kick in the gut. He said he and his family lived in quarantine for an entire month, and that they picked up the virus from close family members. His daughters, ages 4 and 2, suffered only mild symptoms, but it was a much rougher experience for him and his wife, Lauren.
Free COVID-19 tests for blood donors in Peru
She's the 17-year-old girl who lost a leg and two fingers in a shark attack, and Paige Winter's attitude will amaze you. ABC's Robin Roberts followed Paide through a full year for the special "Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story." Paige says that the attack changed her life in a split second, and relives her father's battle with the shark while it had her body in its mouth. Despite the hard times, you can tell Paige is a fighter who isn't one to give up easily.

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