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CBS News 15 May 2020

2-year-old in foster care for 700 days gets virtual adoption hearing and parade to celebrate


Two-year-old Isla was in foster care with the same family in Jacksonville, Florida, since she was seven days old. Last month, she got to have a virtual adoption hearing - and parade to celebrate.

Two dads from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, adopted their 17-year-old foster son via a Zoom video chat. About 80 of their friends and family members viewed the virtual adoption hearing and celebration.
A brightly-painted refrigerator hums on a well-trafficked corner of Washington Heights, a neighborhood in northern Manhattan. It's called the Uptown Fridge, and it serves as a place for people to drop off food they don't need— and to pick up the food that they do. The Uptown Fridge was organized by Carolina Cortes, a 19-year-old college student who lives in the neighborhood. "Food is a right, not a privilege," Cortes told Inside Edition Digital.
Ten-year-old Max Woosey was gifted a tent by his neighbor Rick, who wanted him to have "lots of adventures. " When Rick passed away, Max slept in the tent for 90 days to raise money for the hospice center that had cared for him.
Little Tony Hudgell is walking taller every day and, at the same time, raising an incredible amount of money for the hospital that saved his life. When he was just a baby, Tony suffered horrible injuries that required his legs to be amputated. He was treated at Evelina London Children's Hospital and received his first set of prosthetic legs earlier this year. Tony, 5, has been asking for pledges as he walks 10 kilometres in the month of June.'s Mara Montalbano has more.

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