NewsNet 29 Oct 2020

2 FireFighters Fighting For Their Lives After Battling CA Fires


Two firefighters, a 26-year-old and 31-year-old remain in critical condition after sustaining third-degree burns while on duty. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

Many indigenous people to the Amazon are fighting for their lives as their home, the rainforest, is destroyed. They say that the battle to save it involves the whole international community, not just them, as without it climate change will be unstoppable.
Donovan Mitchell joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss how he is fighting for social justice after leaving the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, if he has gotten over losing Game 7 to the Denver Nuggets and plays "What Were You Thinking?"
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Sky Alex Crawford is in Atlanta, Georgia which has emerged as an electoral battleground for the first time in decades.

If the Democrats win here, it's likely to signal doom for President Trump's re-election bid.

Police brutality and the disproportionately high number of black Americans killed by police appears to have galvanised the black vote.
President Trump says he's looking forward to returning to the campaign trail as early as tomorrow, less than a week after being hospitalized for COVID-19. Dr. Bob Lahita joins CBSN to discuss the safety concerns that come with the decision, plus how you can identify the difference between the flu and COVID-19.

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