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NBC Sports 9 Jul 2020

18.90! Noah Lyles obliterates the 200m world record...but not really


Noah Lyles appeared to destroy Usain Bolt's 200m world record at the Inspiration Games, until it turned out he started in the wrong lane and ran a mesmerizing 18.90 but over 185 meters

A look at the top photos from around the globe.

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Briefing by Mr. Elliot Harris, UN Chief Economist and Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development as well as a youth social entrepreneur, on the 2020 World Youth Report: Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda.

Developing approaches that enable young people to enhance social development of their communities, while promoting income generating opportunities for themselves, hold promises for both individual fulfilment and the acceleration of the delivery of the SDGs. Social entrepreneurship represents one promising and advantageous option for young people as it sits at the intersection of youth employment, youth development and the SDGs. However, self-employment such as entrepreneurship is not a panacea for youth development and in no way releases policymakers from their broader obligation to address the needs of youth in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

The 2020 edition of the World Youth Report focuses on youth social entrepreneurship with a view to provide partners, including Member States, with policy guidance on how to build ecosystems that enables and supports youth social entrepreneurship. Such an ecosystem comprises entrepreneurial actors and networks as well as economic, educational, financial, institutional and technical conditions conducive to entrepreneurial activity. The success of youth social entrepreneurship rests on an accurate assessment of its merits, opportunities and challenges and on the development and implementation of a cohesive and enabling ecosystem.

The World Youth Report is prepared by the Programme on Youth Unit (PYU) in DISD at DESA.

Official Launch

The World Youth Report on Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda was launched in the context of the International Day of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) on 27 June.
Ballet training begins at the barre, but in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, a kitchen counter and the back of a couch have become substitutes for even America's most elite ballerinas. CBS News political unit associate Sarah Ewall-Wice joins CBSN to discuss how the ballet world has been adjusting.
The United Arab Emirates' Hope Probe heads to Mars after six years of hard work and meticulous planning from the team of Emirati scientists and engineers. It's the first interplanetary mission for the Arab world.

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