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Inside Edition 8 Aug 2020

15-Year-Old TikTok Influencer Runs a Slime Empire From His Attic


When TikTok star Addison Rae shared a review of Ricky Waite's slime, his business, RL Slimes, was thrust into the limelight. His slime sold out immediately. Ricky, who's from Santa Rosa, California, has been making his own slime for three years. He credits his skill of making slime to "trial and error" and watching Karina Garcia's YouTube videos. Inside Edition Digital's Leigh Scheps shares a look at a day in his life. #dayinthelife

A teenager got the opportunity to speak in front of the entire country at the Democratic National Convention. Marley Dias is a 15-year-old activist from New Jersey. She founded #1000BlackGirlBooks when she was 10 in 2015. The goal was to drive attention to the lack of diversity in children's books and to donate books to kids in need. The idea stemmed after being frustrated that she wasn't reading books in school featuring Black main characters. Inside Edition Digital's Leigh Scheps has more.
Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne Conway, took to social media to declare she was seeking emancipation from her parents, saying that her mother's job has ruined her life. Conway, a key aide to President Trump, said she is stepping away from her job as a senior counselor to the President to spend more time with her family. Her husband George Conway, a conservative pundit leading an anti-Trump campaign, is also stepping away from The Lincoln Project for the same reason.
A teenager has been arrested after a 15-year-old boy was seriously injured in a shooting as he made his way to school.
A new social media craze has dentists biting their nails, as teens on TikTok have taken to grinding their teeth down with nail files. Dentist Todd Bertman calls the practice "horrifying," and warns that it does irreparable damage to your enamel. 19-year-old Mia said she used a file on her teeth to avoid leaving her apartment and going to the dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic. 16-year-old Aislinn says she regrets filing her teeth, which are now extra sensitive to cold drinks and ice cream.

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