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CGTN America 23 Jan 2020

11 million people are under lockdown in Wuhan, China - birthplace of the deadly coronavirus


This is supposed to be the most festive time of year in China. But in Wuhan, the city at the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, holiday spirit has been eclipsed by an atmosphere of unease.

New York Times China correspondent Amy Qin has been reporting from inside Wuhan, China for almost a week. The city is on lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. She joined CBSN AM to talk about her experience.
China is racing to build a 1000-bed hospital in Wuhan, as the country battles to contain the deadly coronavirus, Monday, January 27.

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The CDC announced Jan. 21 that they found the first U.S. case of the mysterious coronavirus that has killed at least six people in China and sickened nearly 300 since Dec. 31.
Chinese authorities are locking down three cities that are home to more than 18 million people in an effort to contain the deadly coronavirus; Seventeen people have died, all of them in and around Wuhan, China. (Jan. 23)

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