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Inside Edition 9 Nov 2019

10-Year-Old Artist Hired to Doodle on Restaurant's Wall


A British boy's drawings may have gotten him in trouble in school, but after class he's an in-demand working artist.

As someone with muscular dystrophy, 10-year-old Ethan LyBrand is at a higher risk for coronavirus. Since he knows how difficult this time can be for people, he started sharing a joke of the day on social media to spread joy and raise awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
A herd of goats in California broke out of their enclosure and briefly roamed the streets of San Jose. A 100-year-old COVID-19 survivor gets a special visit on Mother's Day. Here's a roundup of some inspiring news stories from the week.


A 106-year-old woman was applauded by healthcare workers as she became one of Britain's oldest patients to recover from the coronavirus, Wednesday, April 15.
Her family says she has superhuman DNA! Angelina Friedman proudly holds up a sign reading "I am 101 years old and I beat COVID-19!" The upstate New York woman tested positive for the virus last month, but has since beaten the virus. She not only beat the coronavirus, but lived through the 1918 flu pandemic as well. Angelina is still full of life even into triple digits of age, and last year was crowned the "Prom Queen" at her Mohegan Lake nursing home.

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A boy's drawings may have
gotten him in trouble at school,
but after class he's an in demand working artist.
I like doodling food, robots, and aliens.
Joe Whale will draw anything
that comes to mind, but his teacher thought
he was paying too much attention to his doodles
and not enough attention to math.
Well it made me feel quite annoying
because there was no place that I really
be able to express myself.
He may only be 10,
but his parents recognized his talent
and wanted to find a way for him to cultivate it.
We thought we'd just get him into
some after school art class.
Before they knew it,
Joe was commissioned to do an art wall
for a local restaurant,
and he now has a substantial Instagram following.
I was really excited 'cause it was
the first time I could actually express myself
and pretend that my characters were coming to life.
Now the requests for his services are pouring in.
But his parents say they're trying to keep him grounded.
It's just overwhelming.
So we have to shield him from that,
and Joe has no idea the scale of what it's turned into.
So we're just protecting him as much as we can from that
so he can just enjoy drawing.
Not only is Joe enjoying drawing,
so are his legions of fans who can't wait to see
what he doodles next.
For, I'm Mara Montalbano.

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