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Voice of America 10 Sep 2019

10 Top Democrats Face Off in Houston


Ten top contenders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination will face off in Houston Thursday night. Polls show former Vice President Joe Biden maintaining his lead, and as Mike O'Sullivan reports, the others hope to gain ground as they head toward next year's party votes and U.S. presidential election.

The top Democratic Party candidates hoping to replace US President Donald Trump in the next election will face-off for the first time later on Thursday.

Ten candidates will share the stage, leaving out 10 others who didn't meet the requirements to be included.

The debate will take place in Texas, a state which Democrats hope to win.

Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports from Houston.
Two women emerge out of Tuesday's mayoral election in Chicago. One America's Kelly Ayers has more on the candidates who will face off in April.
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The top 10 Democratic presidential candidates clashed over issues like health care, immigration and foreign policy during a debate in Houston. Divisions between moderates and progressives were on full display. Lynda Tran, a CBSN political contributor and Democratic strategist, and Leslie Sanchez, a CBS News contributor and Republican strategist, joined CBSN to discuss the debate.

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